Lassi - Information And Recipes

Lassi is a very popular drink from India. It's traditional in Punjab region (state in northwestern India) and known all over the world, specially in places where an indian minority or many tourists (travelling to India) are living. In India Lassi is served for luch so no indian resaturant's list of beverages without lassi. A very nice drink to accompany indian food.

Lassi is a freshmaker, a smoothie and sometimes even a medicine-like drink (used to cure gastric diseases). Similar drinks are known in countries of south east euorpe and near east. One example is Turkish Ayran.

There are several recipes for lassi. Lassi is made in a few minutes by blending yoghurt with water (or sometimes milk) and salt, pepper, ice, indian spices like ground roasted cumin. Sweet lassi like mango lassi is not blendet with salt and spices but with sugar and fruits or pulps, specially with mango. Some recipes for lassi here.